The village was created in 1327, based on a village of sailors and fishermen. In the Middle Ages it was a walled city with five gates: Goikokale, Kalehandi, Zubi Zahar or old bridge, Iparkale and Hareatza (from the beach).

Andra Mari’s church is late Gothic, built in 1480 and is the most ornate church on the outside of Bizkaia. Its facades are decorated with shapes of plants and animals. There you can see the so-called “kortxeleko mamuak”, twelve images that illustrate the different social classes of the Middle Ages. Placed from left to right, they represent the king, the fife, the rattlesnake, two pilgrims, two soldiers, the wet nurse, the queen, the monk, the servant and the knight.

If we go around the church through the portico, we find a beautiful view over the Artibai River, the marina, the old bridge – Zubi Zahar, the old brotherhood, the new bridge…

The bridges that cross the Artibai River are of special importance in Ondarroa. Zubi Zaharra is one of the most emblematic sites, in 1330 it was a wooden drawbridge, and in 1795 the current one was built of stone. Next, there is the old brotherhood created in the 14th century and which currently houses the tourist office, followed by the supply square where some baserritarras (farmers) come to sell their own products.

Another emblematic bridge is the one known as Plaiko zubia, because it leads to Arrigorri beach. This bridge is revolving and is close to Santiago Calatrava’s bridge, which was inaugurated in 1994, the first bridge built in the Basque Country by this well-known architect.

Rest area: Sanctuary of Antigua

In this sanctuary, the Virgin of Antigua takes care of the sailors and fishermen. They say that the bells of the sanctuary heal the diseases of the mind.

This site is the origin of many stories, but it is true that between the sanctuary and the farmhouse, tranquillity takes over with a spectacular view of Saturraran, the beaches, the coast of Gipuzkoa and the Cantabrian Sea facing each other.

Every Saturday there is a mass at twelve o’clock and on the days of its festivity the bells ring at a special rhythm and can be heard from the village.

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What to do / see

Itsasoko Ogibideak

Throughout the visit, they will explain to us details and particularities of the work that the women have been developing for 30 years, like the different names of the fishes, their size and weight, the utensils to use...

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Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Antigua

The current chapel of La Antigua, the original parish church of Ondarroa, was built at the end of the 15th century, although its existence is documented from much earlier.

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Itsasaurre Bridge

This is the most recent of all the bridges in Ondarroa. It was designed by the prestigious architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava, which is why it is popularly known as the "Calatrava Bridge".

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Old Brotherhood & The Old Bridge

The Old Bridge or Zubi Zaharra and the Old Guild are some of the most charming places in Ondarroa. They are located in the old part of the town.

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Likona Tower

The Likona tower is one of the few buildings that were saved from the fire set by the French army in 1974.

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Traineru, trainerilla eta batel ESTROPADEK garai bateko itsas jardueretan dute sorburua. Hain zuzen ere, arrantzarako erabiltzen zen trainerutik sortu ziren estropadak.



Pension with 20 rooms, dinners every day and lunches at weekends. It has a restaurant and a multinational room on the ground floor.


Agrotourism located in a newly built farmhouse, but with traditional architecture. It is located in a rural and isolated environment, surrounded by vineyards for the production of txakoli and only 10 minutes from Ondarroa.


Small guesthouse located in the centre of the fishing village of Ondarroa.

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