It consists of an elegant square, where the town hall, the church and significant buildings such as the “Abadetxea” farmhouse are located. The art of rural architecture and the aristocratic monuments are kept in perfect condition.

Thousands of years before Christ, these place was already inhabited. The first human traces are from prehistoric times. In the caves of Abitta and Pepetxo III we can find several sites.

In Iturriza’s “Historia de Vizcaya” it is said that Amoroto was called Amoredo and that there were quarries where they used to exploited limestone or limestone.

Rest area: in Oleta (Amoroto)

This Crossroad known as Oleta, it is located in the Ugaran neighbourhood, where the GizaburuagaAulestiMunitibar, MarkinaOndarroa and Lekeitio roads meet. There are three well-known restaurants and the Lea path also passes through here. There is also a play area to enjoy with the family.

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What to do / see

Amoroto Fronton

Today a multitude of events are held on this beautiful pediment. For example, concerts, festivals, verses, dances and particularly sports championships.

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Amoroto-Santa Eufemia Route

From Amoroto to the hermitage of Santa Eufemia, we will enjoy a mountainous and greenish landscape adorned with beautiful farmhouses that we will find throughout the journey until we reach the summit of Urregarai.

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Archaeological heritage

The Abitxa cave is located in the Ugaran district near Oleta. It is especially located within the Lea-ibilbidea route. A considerable number of caves have been found in Amoroto, including important remains.

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Historical Neoclassical Collection At The Plaza

In addition to the church, the most distinguished building in this collection is the Town Hall, a renaissance construction with a beautiful balcony that faces the plaza.

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Lea Path GR38.3 The wine and fish route

Lea River is short but intense. Its waters begin to flow high on the northern slopes of the Oiz mountain massif in Munitibar. On this route, together with the water, you will have a unique opportunity to discover and enjoy quiet and unknown places full of history.

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Gastronomy Association

Some companies in Lea-Artibai have created the wine and gastronomy tourism club, which offers stays, menus, visits, products and activities, all linked to quality.


Altzoa Ostatua

17th century farmhouse. We rented two large rooms, for 5 people, with bathroom. We offer breakfast and dinner with products from our farmhouse and the region.

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