Barrio San Antón 6B 48380 Aulesti (Bizkaia)
The Andikoetxe Landetxea, is a farmhouse dating from the beginning of the XVIIIth century, located in Aulestia in a small valley surrounded by nature, peace and tranquillity.

Altzoa Ostatua

Goiogana baserria, Odiaga auzoa 3, 48289 Amoroto
17th century farmhouse. We rented two large rooms, for 5 people, with bathroom. We offer breakfast and dinner with products from our farmhouse and the region.


Elizalde auzoa 27, Amoroto
Typical Basque farmhouse located in the village of Amoroto, restored as a rural house respecting as much as possible its particular structure and with a special touch for rest and relaxation in which all visitors are imbued with the tranquility that surrounds them.

Astorki Goikoa

Berreño Aldaka 14, Munitibar-Gerrikaitz
Renovated rural house located in Munitibar in a rural area.


San Miguel auzoa 33, Gerrikaitz-Munitibar
Caserío Garro is an old farmhouse founded in the 11th century by Sancho el Fuerte de Navarra, as a forge and later as a mill.


Atxondo auzoa 10, Markina-Xemein
Basque farmhouse from the 17th century restored in 2005 to be converted into a Rural House. It is located 10 km from the beach and in the middle of nature. Ideal place to rest and enjoy in a peaceful environment in the middle of nature.

Itxas Ertz

Likona auzoa 8, Mendexa.
It is located facing the sea, between two hills and is surrounded by mountains and beaches. It offers unparalleled opportunity to enjoy nature and to practice sport.

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