Although today the official name is Aulesti, at the time of the creation of the antechurch it was called Murelaga. Aulesti was the name of the street where the church was located, known as the village, and that is how it was named. It is made up of seven quarters and each of them has a hermitage from the Middle Ages.

The square is located in the middle of the village, next to the road, next to the church. It consists of 6 large pillars made of limestone from Mount Oiz and has 5 bells. One of them is called the bell of Bethlehem and dates from 1626. This bell was rung on stormy days when the spells were cast. In addition, it had a labor: if a woman was in labor, the bell was rung so that those hard moments would be enjoyed and the baby would come out healthy.

Rest area: The river park

If you take the path that leads to the Urriola neighbourhood, next to the pelota court, you will come to a park on the banks of the Lea river. Taking advantage of the passage of the Lea, the rest area has become ideal for swimming, sunbathing, playing football, enjoying the picnic area… Ideal to enjoy it with the family.

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What to do / see

Aulestia Park

Aulestia's park is in Gernika street, a quiet and beautiful place by Lea river. There we can swim, sunbathe, play football, eat at the tables... an ideal place to spend the day.

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Hermitage of Santa Eufemia

From Aulesti you can walk to the summit, but if you want to enjoy a shorter walk, you can go by car and continue uphill for 10-15 minutes to the hermitage at the summit.

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Lea Path GR38.3 The wine and fish route

Lea River is short but intense. Its waters begin to flow high on the northern slopes of the Oiz mountain massif in Munitibar. On this route, together with the water, you will have a unique opportunity to discover and enjoy quiet and unknown places full of history.

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Ibañez de Aulesti Tower

This tower was rebuilt in 1456 by Pedro Ibañez de Aulestia, the tower that gives its name to the municipality, after it was burnt down with the excuse of having hidden some of his side during 1451.

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Our Products and Recipes

Lea-Artibai's gastronomy is based on the freshest products of each season, both from land and from the sea. The orographic and social diversity of the Lea Artibai region has historically fostered the production of high-quality artisan agri-food products.



The Andikoetxe Landetxea, is a farmhouse dating from the beginning of the XVIIIth century, located in Aulestia in a small valley surrounded by nature, peace and tranquillity.

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