Lea Artibai are small hidden valleys, where the water of the streams has traced the paths that lead you inexorably to the sea.

Inland route (GR-123)

This route runs between the borders of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.

Wine and fish route

Since the Middle Ages, Lekeitio and Ondarroa have been destinations for barter trade routes. This route connected the coast and the interior to barter wine and fish.

Amoroto-Santa Eufemia Route

From Amoroto to the hermitage of Santa Eufemia, we will enjoy a mountainous and greenish landscape adorned with beautiful farmhouses that we will find throughout the journey until we reach the summit of Urregarai.

Urko Path

Urko bidea is a pedestrian path that follows the Urko riverbed from Barinaga to Markina-Xemein, passing through Etxebarria. It is a space dedicated to leisure, walking, enjoying the open air and being in contact with nature, along a length of about 5 kilometres.

Coastal Route (GR 123)

The GR-123 trail is known as the Tour of Bizkaia. It enters our region through Ispaster and crosses it passing through Lekeitio, Mendexa, Berriatua and Ondarroa, where it turns inland. Beautiful landscapes of Lea Artibai can be seen.


Meet this coastal town of Bizkaia by a path. Its route encompasses you in a rural landscape where popular architecture is the main protagonist

Route of the Way of Saint James

The Coastal Way, which runs along the coast of Gipuzkoa to enter the western limits of Bizkaia, is one of the most primitive pilgrimage routes to Compostela. On this route, the seafaring and agricultural Basque Country coexist, as well as the urban and the rural.

Lea Path GR38.3 The wine and fish route

Lea River is short but intense. Its waters begin to flow high on the northern slopes of the Oiz mountain massif in Munitibar. On this route, together with the water, you will have a unique opportunity to discover and enjoy quiet and unknown places full of history.

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