Located at the crossroads of the roads between Markina-Xemein, Durango, Lekeitio, Gernika and Bilbao, it is divided into two nuclei formerly corresponding to two municipalities, which previously had their disputes and met at the Zubialde bridge to resolve them. During 1882, the municipalities were defeated by the debts created by the wars, and they started to worry about the children and their education, as they could not manage to pay the teachers. Such troubles made the two municipalities, Gerrikaitz and Arbatzegi, start talking and ended with their integration into one single municipality.

The wars have left more marks on this small municipality. During the Civil War, on the 25th April 1937 exactly, it was bombed by planes reaching the parish of San Vicente. One bomb broke the bell tower, the next one fell on the roof and a howitzer fired at the Nationalists hit the south wall breaking the altar and another one broke the portico.

Besides this church there are more hermitages in Munitibar, the hermitage of San Cristobal is in the Oiz mountain at 791 meters above sea level. San Cristobal cures earaches. In this mountain there are several mills, electricity generators.

Rest area: Bengola

On the slopes of Mount Oiz is Bengola, the Centre for Renewable Energies, at one of the two ends of the Lea path. It is a centre on the interpretation of renewable energies, built in an old mill and with a large leisure area.

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The parish of Andra Mari in Gerrikaitz

Gerrikaitz was given the right or order to build a parish when it was founded. Labayru mentions the year 1402. As decided by the bishop of Kalahorra in January 1459, the parish had three priests.

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Route of the Way of Saint James

The Coastal Way, which runs along the coast of Gipuzkoa to enter the western limits of Bizkaia, is one of the most primitive pilgrimage routes to Compostela. On this route, the seafaring and agricultural Basque Country coexist, as well as the urban and the rural.

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Lea Path GR38.3 The wine and fish route

Lea River is short but intense. Its waters begin to flow high on the northern slopes of the Oiz mountain massif in Munitibar. On this route, together with the water, you will have a unique opportunity to discover and enjoy quiet and unknown places full of history.

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Bengola (Munitibar-Arbatzegi Gerrikaitz)

Originally a forge (dating from the 14th century), it was later a mill and farmhouse, and was later acquired by the town council.

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Rural Sports

There is no town or neighbourhood, however small, that does not hold demonstrations and competitions of rural sport in its different forms during its festivities. During the year, in the festivities and celebrations of our villages, exhibitions of rural sports are organised, which are the signs of identity of our customs and culture, for the enjoyment of those attending.


Astorki Goikoa

Renovated rural house located in Munitibar in a rural area.


Caserío Garro is an old farmhouse founded in the 11th century by Sancho el Fuerte de Navarra, as a forge and later as a mill.

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