It is said that its previous name was “Ibai Baso” “river and forest” which correctly defines two of the most characteristic elements of the area, water and stone. These elements are of great importance in this small municipality where its history is linked to forges, mills, dams and bridges.

Gizaburuaga is a symbol of prehistoric environments in Bizkaia. In its caves we can fiind prehistoric settlements, mythology and history.

There are currently no forges, but characteristic elements from the past can be seen along the river. The most important of these is Bengolea. In the 17th century it was the most important forge in Bizkaia designed by Pedro Bernardo Villareal de Berriz, an icon of the practical application of modern science.

In this same area is located the Oibar hermitage and the cave with the same name. Today, the neighbourhood is also known as the industrial area of Okamika, created by the municipalities of the valley.

Rest area: Errota-Zahar

This is the place where the mill used to be, now known as “Errotazar”, although there are not many signs of it. It is an area where you can relax, watch the river and the old dam, now submerged. On the panel you can learn how the mill works and its history.

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What to do / see

Bengolea Forge and Mill

The complex, located in the Okamika district of Gizaburuaga, is a complex proto-industrial establishment and is probably one of the most interesting in the whole of Biscay.

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Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de Oibar (Gizaburuaga)

Near Bengolea is the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de Oibar. It was rebuilt in 1752 and is in the baroque style.

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Lea Path GR38.3 The wine and fish route

Lea River is short but intense. Its waters begin to flow high on the northern slopes of the Oiz mountain massif in Munitibar. On this route, together with the water, you will have a unique opportunity to discover and enjoy quiet and unknown places full of history.

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Historic-Artistic Site of Bengolea

It is a popular style complex from the 18th century, managed by Pedro Bernardo Villareal de Berriz, with innovative hydraulic engineering machinery for its time.

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Our Products and Recipes

Lea-Artibai's gastronomy is based on the freshest products of each season, both from land and from the sea. The orographic and social diversity of the Lea Artibai region has historically fostered the production of high-quality artisan agri-food products.



Farmhouse located in the countryside, 5 km from Lekeitio beach and close to the Urdaibai reserve, an area of tranquillity in a rural environment, of vegetable fields and among animals.

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