The road crosses the area known as Elexalde, which must be from the 19th century, although the first traces are earlier. This is where the square and the church are located with a porch that surrounds the whole church.

The chapels, palaces and farmhouses of architectural interest are distributed throughout the neighbourhoods.

The most outstanding palaces are Zubieta, Arana and the town hall building.

Zubieta is a palace built by Martín Zaldua, around a courtyard and with two towers on the main façade, surrounded by a beautiful park. The old stables have been converted into a hotel.

The Arana Palace is an addition to a Gothic farmhouse in which traces of the old farmhouse can still be seen. The Inquisitor Jacinto Arana, who was the Bishop of Zamora, was born here.

However, the Town Hall has a more recent inscription which reads: “Casa Consistorial de Yspaster destined for the military hospital of Voluntarios de Vizcaya in 1813. Burned down by the French for this cause and rebuilt by the said Yspaster in 1817”.

Aizpe Haizea, Erkiaga-Erdikoa, Kaltzada and the farmhouses in the Gallete district are the most outstanding in the whole municipality, although there are many more that are worth visiting.

The architecture of the Aixeder Errota mill is remarkable. Also designed by Pedro Bernardo Villareal de Berriz, it dates back to 1723 as a result of the great drought suffered by the area.

Rest area: Ogella beach

A path that starts behind the town hall leads to the beach, although it can also be reached by car. Its main characteristic is that it changes shape year after year. Depending on the currents, tides or the weather, the beach has more or less sand. The beach is wild, and is located in a quiet area where you can enjoy the beach, the picnic area or simply the views.

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Meet this coastal town of Bizkaia by a path. Its route encompasses you in a rural landscape where popular architecture is the main protagonist

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Ogella Beach

Ogella beach has the peculiarity of changing its appearance every year, varying the amount of sand on its surface, depending on the currents, tides and weather.

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Coastal Route (GR 123)

The GR-123 trail is known as the Tour of Bizkaia. It enters our region through Ispaster and crosses it passing through Lekeitio, Mendexa, Berriatua and Ondarroa, where it turns inland. Beautiful landscapes of Lea Artibai can be seen.

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Aixeder Mill

This mill was built in 1729 by Pedro Bernardo Villareal de Berriz, open to the sea winds, its origin comes from the drought that the area suffered during this period in which the mills of the river did not work.

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Zubieta Palace

It is located next to the marshes of the Lea river, very close to the town centre of Lekeitio.

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Rural Sports

There is no town or neighbourhood, however small, that does not hold demonstrations and competitions of rural sport in its different forms during its festivities. During the year, in the festivities and celebrations of our villages, exhibitions of rural sports are organised, which are the signs of identity of our customs and culture, for the enjoyment of those attending.



A typical farmhouse in the Lea-Artibai region, dating back to 1764. It has been completely restored, taking great care with the interior decoration and combining tradition, design and comfort.


The hotel occupies a beautiful 17th century building, restored to adapt each stay to the comforts of a 3-star hotel. It is located in the gardens of Zubieta Palace, very close to the centre of Lekeitio.

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