Lea Artibai are small hidden valleys, where the water of the streams has traced the paths that lead you inexorably to the sea.


Natural heritage
Beaches are one of the most important features of our coast. From the peaceful beach of Ogeia, ideal for visitors seeking tranquillity, to the lively, fine sandy beaches of Lekeitio, the traveller will have the opportunity to enjoy themselves.

Artibai Valley

Natural heritage
The basin of the River Artibai is the most easterly in Bizkaia and runs in a south-northeasterly direction. Practically the entire length of the river has been integrated into the area, from its source on Mount Oiz to its mouth in the fishing village of Ondarroa.

Lea Valley

Natural heritage
Lea river rises in the Oiz mountain and extends to the marshes of the old sea mill called Maria Errota. Along its course it passes through places of low population density and great natural beauty.


Natural heritage
One of the main characteristics of this region is its rugged relief, with very steep slopes, crossed transversally by narrow, deep valleys, through which the Lea and Artibai rivers and their tributaries flow.

Beach Arrigorri

Natural heritage
Located at the eastern end of the Biscayan coast, bordering Guipúzcoa, Arrigorri beach forms part of a beautiful setting.

Beach Isuntza

Natural heritage
Isuntza beach is located in the town centre itself, next to the port and the town's park, and has numerous walking areas, bars, restaurants and hotels in the surrounding area. The beach also offers the possibility practising some sporting activities, such as canoeing, volleyball and scuba diving.

Archaeological heritage

Natural heritage
The Abitxa cave is located in the Ugaran district near Oleta. It is especially located within the Lea-ibilbidea route. A considerable number of caves have been found in Amoroto, including important remains.

Ibañez de Aulesti Tower

Natural heritage
This tower was rebuilt in 1456 by Pedro Ibañez de Aulestia, the tower that gives its name to the municipality, after it was burnt down with the excuse of having hidden some of his side during 1451.

Practical information