Artibai Valley

The basin of the River Artibai is the most easterly in Bizkaia and runs in a south-northeasterly direction. Practically the entire length of the river has been integrated into the area, from its source on Mount Oiz to its mouth in the fishing village of Ondarroa.

The Artibai river basin, with some 103 km2 of surface, is the most oriental in Biskaia and it extends in a south-to-northeast direction. Practically the whole of the length of the river (some 25 km) has been integrated in the space, from its source in Mount (1026 m) to its mouth in the fishing village of Ondarroa.

The only appreciable remains of marshes is situated between Arraveta and Goitiz, formed by a small island artificially closed up by earthen walls, with extensions of vegetated quagmires and subhallophillic communities (wild reads, rushes). In the rest of the stretch with marine influence there are only small patches of inter-tidal and sandy bogs, surrounded by cultivated farmland or urbanised zones.

The main naturalist value corresponds to the presence of the European mink (Mustela lutreola), a semi-aquatic carnivore that is globally threatened. Its population in the central and eastern basins in Biskaia (Oka, Artibai) could be amongst the most interesting in its area of distribution.



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