Atxurra, Armiña, Lamiña II and Goikolau are the caves where the first signs of human beings in the area. In addition, in the cave of Goikolau a necklace from the Paleolithic period was found, dating from 2000 BC and is on display in the Archaeological Museum of Bilbao.

The first writings of the municipality date from the 12th century and correspond to the parish of San Pedro. There are references from 1498, with references to the right granted in favour of the Lord of Aranzibia in the patronage of the church.

Today the municipality is organised into two areas, the central area around the church and the upper areas where the Miloi, Asterrika and Magdalena districts are located.

Rest area: Chapel of Magdalena

This is a 16th century chapel. It is believed that it was built on top of another older building, because of the image of a man from the Romanesque period that can be seen on the north facade. The Madalena cross is located in this neighbourhood. About 150 metres away, we find a well known as “Sarnapotzu”. It is said that it heals sick skin. It is said that if we place a wet handkerchief on the well and then hang it on a branch in the area, this water works miracles.

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San Pedro Apóstol Church

The primitive church of San Pedro was founded in the 12th century by powerful local families. Later, in 1588, it was rebuilt acquiring a Renaissance character.

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Magdalena Chapel

This neighbourhood of the same name is located around the 16th century hermitage of La Magdalena. It is likely that there was an earlier building. We came to this conclusion when we saw a Romanesque stone carving on the north side, with the image of a man.

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San Lorenzo Hermitage

In the neighbourhood of Asterrika, between farmhouses, we can find the gothic style chapel of San Lorenzo, built in the 15th century and in a very good state of conservation.

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Aranzibia Tower

After being destroyed in 1443 by the Gamboa de Gipuzkoa, it was rebuilt in its present form by 1500. The notable elements of this building are the twin windows on the first floor, the coat of arms and the exterior staircase.

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The charming neighbourhood of Asterrika is located on a hill with privileged views of the Cantabrian coastline, crossed by the GR-123 and located between Ondarroa, Mendexa, Lekeitio and the town centre of Berriatua.

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The pelota game, and more specifically the "cesta punta", is a modality that has traditionally brought many of the young pelotaris of this region to the courts of the most important pelota courts in the world.


Pension Berritxu

Two-star accommodation located in the centre of the municipality of Berriatua.


Typical Basque farmhouse, recently built. It is located in a rural area, surrounded by green meadows and close to the municipalities of Ondarroa and Lekeitio.

Urkixa bekoa

Farmhouse located between the coastal towns of Lekeitio and Ondarroa, overlooking the sea.

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