If the stones could speak, they could tell us stories of houses, farmhouses, palaces, churches and walls built with the sweat of their inhabitants generation after generation.

Kontzeju zaharra

Get to know and learn the basics of daily life in the rural world and the beginnings of the cooperative movement at the interpretation centre.

Santa Catalina Lighthouse

The Santa Catalina lighthouse in Lekeitio is the only lighthouse in the Basque Country that can be visited, making it a unique experience. And as a good sailor, take a break in the cafeteria with views of the most extensive Bay of Biscay. It is one of the tourist resources of the Lekeitio Maritime Heritage Centre.


It is located in the marshes of the river Lea, a few metres from its mouth. The old Marierrota mill, was built in the 16th century and demolished in 1980. The mill has now been restored and contains an interpretation centre inside.

Simon Bolivar Museum

The Errementarikua farmhouse houses the Simón Bolívar Museum, the "Liberator". The museum and in general the whole of Ziortza-Bolibar is a point of interest for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago along the coast.

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