Lea Artibai are small hidden valleys, where the water of the streams has traced the paths that lead you inexorably to the sea.

Leaktibai Adventure

Active turism
We offer active tourism and adventure sports. Although our base is located in the village of Etxebarria, we organise our activities throughout the Lea Artibai region.

Ur Lekeitio

Active turism
UR is an Active Tourism services company, specialised in adventure sports and nature activities. It also offers areas of specific training, consultancy, trips and expeditions.

Sustraiak Natura

Active turism
Active tourism and adventure activities in Lea-Artibai region.

Mendexa Adventure Park

Active turism
The adventure forest in the trees is located in Mendexa, 4 km from Lekeitio and right on the coast of Bizkaia. Designed for the enjoyment of children and adults, it offers different options that guarantee an intense day with your loved ones.

Dzingua Kirol ekintzak

Active turism
They offer the opportunity to learn how to surf to people of all ages and with different levels of knowledge, in a practical way and at a very affordable price.

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