Etxebarria is our way to Gipuzkoa, if we go through San Miguel.

It is located at the foot of Mount Kalamua and is formed by narrow valleys in a natural environment on the banks of the Urko River. This river crosses the municipality accompanied by the Urko path, the old Royal Road, which combines leisure, sport and culture, giving the visitor the opportunity to learn about the history of their heritage. Among them is the Ansotegi Palace with its dam and mill that are still preserved.

The “hórreo de Ibarguen” dates back to the middle of the century and it was built on four columns. Its upper part is made entirely of oak wood. It is the best preserved naturally of those that are preserved in the Basque Country.

Rest area: Urko banks

The Urko path walks by the river and as we pass near Munibe, where we can feel the silence and tranquillity. It is an easy route that allows you to enjoy the nature.

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What to do / see

Antsotegi Palace

It was built at the end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th century on top of an earlier building. The house is associated with a mill and a forge.

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Hermitage of Santa Marina de Illoro

Hermitage of Santa Marina or "Santamañe" as it is popularly known. Its construction dates back to the fourth or fifth decade of the 16th century, as evidenced by the entrance arch and the choir. The most striking feature is its three-storey bell tower.

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Munibe Palace

The reconstruction of this palace was carried out by the architect J.M. Basterra at the beginning of the 20th century. This architect was advised by English and French technicians who gave it the shape it has today.

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Ibarguen granary

Located on the road between Etxebarria and Barinaga is this mid-16th century granary. There are around thirty hórreos in Bizkaia, but this is the best preserved.

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Urko Path

Urko bidea is a pedestrian path that follows the Urko riverbed from Barinaga to Markina-Xemein, passing through Etxebarria. It is a space dedicated to leisure, walking, enjoying the open air and being in contact with nature, along a length of about 5 kilometres.

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Rural Sports

There is no town or neighbourhood, however small, that does not hold demonstrations and competitions of rural sport in its different forms during its festivities. During the year, in the festivities and celebrations of our villages, exhibitions of rural sports are organised, which are the signs of identity of our customs and culture, for the enjoyment of those attending.



An old 17th century forge, now converted into a hotel restaurant. Its walls are engraved with the birth, rise and decline of the traditional iron handling and tool-making industry in Bizkaia.


Small guesthouse located in Etxebarria, with rooms specially designed to meet the needs of guests.

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