If the stones could speak, they could tell us stories of houses, farmhouses, palaces, churches and walls built with the sweat of their inhabitants generation after generation.

Axpe Cider House

Axpe is a family business with a tradition of four generations of producers of natural cider and txakolí from Bizkaia. The cider house is a bookable Txoko, where the user has a space to make use of its facilities. In addition, the host José Antonio Bilbao offers guided tours related to cider and txakolí.

Fishermen experience

Santa Katalina Lighthouse-Navigation Technology Interpretation Centre.  Come to the only lighthouse in the Basque Country that can be visited and feel like a cabin boy learning to sail, experiencing the sensation of lost sailors who are brought home by the light of the lighthouse. Audio-guided tour of the old town.

The present of the sea

The visits that can be made to discover the fishing life of Ondarroa are: the cannery, the port, the old part of the town and the church.

Itsasoko Ogibideak

Throughout the visit, they will explain to us details and particularities of the work that the women have been developing for 30 years, like the different names of the fishes, their size and weight, the utensils to use...

Practical information