The present of the sea

The visits that can be made to discover the fishing life of Ondarroa are: the cannery, the port, the old part of the town and the church.

The sea is a way of life that is rooted in the history of Ondarroa and assigns each of its inhabitants their own destiny.

Main activities:

  • Visit to a canning factory to watch the canning process and see first-hand how canning and salting is carried out.
  • Visit to the fishing port: we will attend the sale of fish in the fishermen’s guild and we will observe, on the quay, the sewing and repairing of fishing nets according to traditional techniques.
  • Visit to the old town and the church to learn about the history of the seafaring neighbourhoods and confuse the conversations of the locals with the call of the waves of the sea.

Languages: Basque, Spanish. Consult: English and French

Practical information