Artibai Valley

The Artibai river basin is the most oriental in Biskaia and it extends in a south-to-northeast direction. Practically the whole of the length of the river has been integrated in the space, from its source in Mount to its mouth in the fishing village of Ondarroa.

Lea Valley

The source of the river Lea is in Oiz mountain, and it ends in the marshes of the old sea mill called Maria Errota. On its journey it wets lands of great natural beauty and a low population density. Apart from being one of the cleanest rivers in Biscay, its water is drinkable in the whole of its length.

The mountain

Oiz to the south, Iluntzar to the east and Kalamua to the west are the three peaks that stand out in this mountainous region, guardians of the farmhouses and green fields that surround them.


Who doesn't know the famous "Boga, Boga, Mariñela", a composition that has practically become the official anthem of these lands? In Lea Artibai we can find many styles of music in concerts that are organized as well as in musical events.

Basque dances

The Lea-Artibai region is a clear example that dance is part of the idiosyncrasy and spirit of the people: its small geographical area has at least five different dances, which are totally local.

Rural Sports

There is no town or neighbourhood, however small, that does not hold demonstrations and competitions of rural sport in its different forms during its festivities. During the year, in the festivities and celebrations of our villages, exhibitions of rural sports are organised, which are the signs of identity of our customs and culture, for the enjoyment of those attending.

Gastronomy Association

Some companies in Lea-Artibai have created the wine and gastronomy tourism club, which offers stays, menus, visits, products and activities, all linked to quality.

Our Products and Recipes

Lea-Artibai's gastronomy is based on the freshest products of each season, both from land and from the sea. The orographic and social diversity of the Lea Artibai region has historically fostered the production of high-quality artisan agri-food products.

Euskara and local artits

In the Lea-Artibai region, most of the population speaks in Basque. In fact, we are one of the most "Basque-speaking" regions in the whole of the Basque Country. The Basque language has its own dialects, such as Biscayan, but in addition, each municipality in the region has its own dialect and characteristics.

Practical information