It is located on the coast and to this belongs the beautiful beach of Karraspio. However, it is a rural municipality. Therefore, the centre of the municipality is located on a hill that invites to walk and relax while enjoying the coastal landscape.

The architecture of its houses is an important element both in the ethnographic and in the history of the municipality. In the Likona neighbourhood we find a farmhouse of the same name built at the beginning of the 16th century by the Likona family, this house was the grandmother of Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

Bizkaia is a province rich in crosses, proof of which is the church and the history of the territory: Mendexa conserves five very symbolic crosses. These crosses were rest stops on the paths where the coffins were carried: on funeral days the coffin was transported from the house to the church and stopped at these crosses to pray for the dead. Also considered places of prayer, nobody passed by without first taking off their txapela and praying an Our Father.

Being a rural municipality on the coast, it is not surprising that it is influenced by the sea. Marierrota and several shipyards are located in the Lea marshes, where wooden boats were built and repaired in a completely traditional way.

Marierrota is a tidal mill located on the Lea path. Here you can see how the dock was filled at high tide and emptied little by little at low tide, thus starting up the mill machinery.

Rest area: Karraspio beach

On the beach we can find a picnic area with tables, chairs, water…  swimming at the beach in summer is a pleasure. It is a good plan to do it with family, couple or friends. You can also enjoy a walk by the sea or surf all year round, and then have a drink in the warmth of the bars.

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What to do / see

Ruins of the old hospital

It is on the left side of the Lekeitio-Aulesti road, near the Oleta de Amoroto neighbourhood, on the banks of the River Lea. If you visit the place without having previous references to the building, you may be surprised, as it is half in ruins.

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Saint Lucia Hermitage

We find it in the Leagi district and it is believed to be from the 16th century. It is a single-nave building with a cross-shaped floor plan that can be seen from the outside.

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Karraspio Beach

Karraspio is a medium-sized beach with a recreation area, tables and benches as well as bars and a hotel. There is a car park at the entrance. Overlooking the island of St. Nicholas. Karraspio offers visitors the possibility of numerous sporting activities such as surfing, volleyball and sailing.

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It is located in the marshes of the river Lea, a few metres from its mouth. The old Marierrota mill, was built in the 16th century and demolished in 1980. The mill has now been restored and contains an interpretation centre inside.

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St. Peter Church

It is located in the Zelaia neighbourhood, at the top of the hill, next to the pelota court and opposite the town hall.

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Basque dances

The Lea-Artibai region is a clear example that dance is part of the idiosyncrasy and spirit of the people: its small geographical area has at least five different dances, which are totally local.


Camping Endai

Located on the Cantabrian coast (Basque Country), between the fishing villages of Lekeitio (3 km away) and Ondarroa (10 km away). A quiet place, in the middle of the mountains and by the sea.


This pension has also a camping service. Located on the Cantabrian coast (Basque Country), between the fishing villages of Lekeitio (3km away) and Ondarroa (10km away). A quiet place, in the middle of the mountain and next to the sea.


Beautiful rural hotel, with a small swimming pool located in a beautiful garden overlooking the Bay of Biscay.

Itxas Ertz

It is located facing the sea, between two hills and is surrounded by mountains and beaches. It offers unparalleled opportunity to enjoy nature and to practice sport.

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