Rural Sports

There is no town or neighbourhood, however small, that does not hold demonstrations and competitions of rural sport in its different forms during its festivities. During the year, in the festivities and celebrations of our villages, exhibitions of rural sports are organised, which are the signs of identity of our customs and culture, for the enjoyment of those attending. During the San Pedro festivities (29 June), in Berriatua, the well-known stone dragging competitions with oxen take place, a modality that is also very traditional in Markina-Xemein (29 June, Arretxinaga festivities and 16 July). In Ispaster, in addition to oxen, dragging with horses is also carried out (Zaldi Mando). In Etxebarria, during its festivals (25th July), interesting demonstrations of rural sport in its most diverse forms take place.

Practical information