The pelota game, and more specifically the “Jai-Alai“, is a modality that has traditionally brought many of the young pelotaris of this region to the courts of the most important pelota courts in the world. Of all the native Basque sports, the “cesta” is the most international.

Such is the importance of this sport in the region that the Markina-Xemein pelota court is known among fans all over the world as the “University of the Ball“. But not only has a basketball game been played in Markina-Xemein, no, there are also well-known Markinian pelota players in the specialities of hand, shovel, ski lift and women’s racket.

Throughout the year, especially in the summer season, interesting competitions and festivals of this spectacular sport are held in the pelota courts of Markina-Xemein and Berriatua.

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