Amoroto-Santa Eufemia Route

From Amoroto to the hermitage of Santa Eufemia, we will enjoy a mountainous and greenish landscape adorned with beautiful farmhouses that we will find throughout the journey until we reach the summit of Urregarai.

The tour Amoroto – Santa Eufemi starts in Amoroto square. You will leave from the back door of the church’s portico and go down the stairs to take the asphalt path.

After passing the cemetery, you will reach Lomagane and head towards the Legardiz farmhouse. You can take two paths, one going down and the other up. We will take the one that goes upwards and pass by Arratzika farmhouse.

In this beautiful mountainous landscape, you will also be able to see elegant farmhouses. After passing Arratzika and then taking a path to the left. You will see the Etxebarri and Etxezahar farmhouses.

Going up a hill, we will take a path where a sign indicates Aulesti. Among eucalyptus and pine trees, we will reach the Mendiko farmhouse.

Leaving the Mendiko farmhouse aside, we will follow the sign indicating Aulesti. Soon, we will reach another sign indicating Santutxu, and we will take that road.

Then, we will leave the asphalt road aside and take a forest road. We will follow a sign indicating Santutxu.

You will pass by the Santutxu chapel, although you can make a slight detour to see this chapel. Continue along the forest path up a hill. The truth is that it is a steep slope, although we will soon reach Santa Eufemi.

To go up to the Santa Eufemi’s chapel, we will take the path where the hostel is located upwards. We will arrive to some stairs, we will climb these stairs, 204 exactly and we will arrive to the Santa Eufemi’s hermitage. From here you can see an impressive view of Lea Ibarra and also of Artibai.



Practical information