The Lea Artibai region has a unique and delicious gastronomy thanks to its proximity to the sea and its long kilometres of countryside where farmers plant and care for their crops so that we can all enjoy their incredible flavour.

In addition, a project has been created to raise awareness of the food produced in Lea Artibai among the population of the same region, with the aim of promoting the production and consumption of products. And you, did you know about something like this?

This project is called Hamen Bertokoa, and in Basque it means “here what comes from here”. The very name of the project hints at the fact that local and km0 products will be used.

The consumption of healthy products is becoming more and more important in our daily lives, and it is increasingly proven that eating healthy is possible despite leading a busy life where hardly any time is spent on cooking. There is a growing trend away from fast food and towards the introduction of healthier products, but this is quite complicated as there are fewer and fewer farmers and livestock farmers. 

In this project, farmers, consumers, traders and restaurats have worked together with the aim of making sustainable food produced in Lea Artibai available to local consumers. Some of the restaurants belonging to the #EuskadiGastronomika brand have also joined this initiative. 

In Hamen Bertokoa, different actions have been carried out such as the promotion of the establishments that have taken part in the project, consumer awareness campaigns have been carried out, the aim has been to strengthen and create a seal for the products produced in the region and many other actions have been carried out to facilitate the responsible consumption of the product.

In addition, Hamen Bertokoa divides the reasons for consuming products with this seal into 4: 

Health: You will gain in health thanks to the consumption of fresh, clean, seasonal food that is close to you.

Economy: This project balances and consolidates the economy of Lea Artibai by revitalising the farmhouses, small businesses and the hotel and catering trade.

Dignity: Hamen Bertokoa guarantees decent working conditions and fair prices for livestock farmers, thus encouraging local consumption.

Environment: In this way, transport costs are reduced to almost zero, as well as significantly reducing pollution. In this way, the landscape balance of the Lea Artibai region will be preserved and recovered.

Do you dare to try our products? you will love them, come on!

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