In the Lea Artibai region, confectionery is well known and recognised by the inhabitants and by those who visit us. It is based on the preparation of ancient and modern formulas and there is a wide variety of traditional recipes that have been improved over time. In the region there are a great variety of companies that work with quality products, developing typical desserts for both visitors and locals to savour.

These are the typical desserts of the Lea Artibai region:

Bollo de mantequilla: This is one of the most popular desserts in the region. This dessert is quite complex to prepare. It consists of a brioche or Swiss roll, filled with a layer of butter, egg and a layer of white sugar on top, which gives the roll a unique juiciness. This dessert is typical in the city of Bilbao, as two Swiss set up a bakery in the Old Town of the city where they sold this type of bun adapted from the Swiss milk buns.

Cocotes de Tate: They are simply derived from the Torta de San Blas or aniseed doughnuts. They have a dry but crunchy dough. They can only be found in the Tate bakery in the centre of the town of Markina-Xemein.

Gomazko sweets: These sweets are made in the different bakeries in Lekeitio. There it is customary for children to take these sweets to put them on the figure of an Easter float, specifically on the tongue of a dragon called Mingorri, which is shaped like a devil and symbolises the struggle of good against evil. This tradition has been going on for many years, it is made on Good Friday and the Mingorri is located throughout the year in the Basilica of the Assumption of St. Mary.

Colineta: This delicious dessert is made with a soft natural sponge cake filled with egg yolk and covered with meringue. This dessert will make you travel back in time and bring back the taste of home. This dessert can be in different shapes, such as long or rectangular.

Pantxineta: This is a pastry made with puff pastry and almonds, filled with custard. This sweet was created in 2015 in San Sebastian, more specifically in the Otaegui patisserie.

As you can see, the sweets form part of Lea Artibai’s gastronomy and are present in all the region’s bakeries, available to local customers and visitors who choose to savour the region’s typical sweets while they enjoy a stroll through the streets of our towns and villages.

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