Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption

The church of Santa Maria was built on a large rock and stands solemnly in the old part of Lekeitio.

The current church of Santa María de Lekeitio replaced a previous one, possibly Romanesque, consecrated in 1287. The current church is in the late Gothic style of the Basque Country, a style that can be seen in the layout of the ground plan, the formulation of the triforium and the design of the facade. This church was built throughout the 15th century, in several phases.

Since then, it has undergone several transformations, until the major refurbishment carried out in the 1880s of the 19th century, to which it owes its current appearance and which was paid for by Pascual Abaroa. This reform gave the building a new sacristy, ambulatory and a large side portico, all in the Gothic style, showing great sensitivity towards what was built. After this extension, it was granted the title of basilica by the Holy See. The bell tower, which also has a long history of construction, is in the Baroque style and replaced another one in the Classicist style, in the shape of a spire.

As far as the movable content of this church is concerned, the altarpiece of the main altar is undoubtedly outstanding. Due to its size and polychromy, it is the most important altarpiece in Bizkaia and one of the most important on the peninsula; it is only surpassed in size by those in the cathedrals of Seville and Toledo.



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