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The Lea Artibai region is made up of about 20 Km. of coast, where one can find geological structures and landscapes of great interest.


Our beaches are one of the best well known attractions to our coast. From the calm beach in Ogella, ideal for those who love tranquillity, to the spirited beaches of fine sand in Lekeito, Mendexa, and Ondarroa, and for the solitary traveller that seeks reflection, our multiple idyllic coves, which will be the delight of any traveller.


Another great attraction is the cliffs that descend to the sea, some of them almost vertical and inaccessible, but ideal for birds, such as seagulls, cormorant and peregrine falcons to build their nests protected from predators. In addition, the differential erosion of our coasts has created structures such as the Garraitz and San Nicolas Islands, rocky limestone outcrops where rugged nature meets with the histories of plagues and ancient medieval monasteries.


The intimate relationship of the inhabitants of this region with the sea has been known since prehistory, as it is reflected in the cave of Santa Katalina, where the remains of mollusc gatherers from 30.000 years ago were found. Currently this intimate relationship between man and the sea is seen in the harbours and fishing activities that take place there. No wonder the ports of Ondarroa and Lekeitio, located at the estuary of the two main rivers in the region, is an ideal example of the traditions and way of life of the sea.


To get an excellent view of the coast, and at the same time of the Gulf of Bizkaia, there is nothing better than to go into the towns of Mendexa and the neighbourhood of Asterrika, or climb the small coast forests, such as Otoio, Lumentza, or Santakurutz to enjoy the views.

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